Lucedin xanthohumol for mental clarity

Xanthohumol from hops, natures Master Molecule

Meridium, available as a liquid concentrate, contains a special proprietary, water soluble xanthohumol formulation called Lucedin. Lucedin is water soluble, and can therefore be absorbed into the blood stream, providing all the remarkable health benefits of the flavonoid, xanthohumol, extracted and purified from hops flowers (humulus Lupulus, L).

Xanthohumol powder, extracted from hops, is a lipophilic (fat soluble) compound, and is not able to enter the blood stream through the stomach and gastrointestinal tract. Like-wise, commercially available hops extracts contain insignificant amounts of xanthohumol, and beer has virtually no xanthohumol to speak of.

Lucedin is a special proprietary formulation of xanthohumol that has been tested in humans, and is capable of producing the many desired effects of xanthohumol.

Lucedin is also available in other formulations, and synergizes with many specialized ingredients.

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